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Welcome to the Projects Class wiki!

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Here's our course description:

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Course description in PDF format.

Projects: The Cooper Union

Unfolding events in The Cooper Union are generating expected and unexpected sounds, images, forms, volumes, gestures, feelings, and concepts. In this class, we will attend (as in wait for and stretch toward) some of these.

As such we misunderstand The Cooper Union as a proposition constituted by and constituting missions, properties, bodies, languages, figures, among others. We engage chronologies that may not settle; numbers that may not add up; bodies that come and go.

Co-taught by Walid Raad, Victoria Sobel, and Casey Gollan, the class is open to 2nd, 3rd and 1st semester 4th year students working in all media. The course is also expected to continue in Spring 2017, so students registering in the Fall are expected to make a 2-semester long commitment.