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What are 990s?

From Cooper.edu:
Each year The Cooper Union must file a 990 tax return to the IRS.  The 990 is used by tax exempt organizations to report their mission, programs and finances.
* Note: As part of a contractual obligation approved by the Board of Trustees, former president George Campbell Jr. will receive $1,071,000 compensation after his departure in 2011.  This compensation is paid out in six annual installments, beginning in 2011, but proper financial filing requires that The Cooper Union report this total amount in full as part of the FY2011 and FY2012 tax returns.  (This amount appears as part of an aggregate amount in different parts of each 990.) However,  The Cooper Union did not actually incur the full $1,071,000 expense in either year.


Filed annually with the IRS.


The Office of the Vice President of Finance, Administration and Treasurer, which manages financial policies, prepares budgets and financial statements, and leads various cross-organizational programs and initiatives.


Cooper published 990s at:


They are also available at:


How to Read

If you would like to contribute information on how to read, interpret, and understand these documents, feel free to contribute to this page!


  • Are there 990s available before 2008?