Class 31: Introductions + discussion with Faculty/Staff Board Observers Amy Westphal, Toby Cumberbatch, and Walid Raad

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For our thirty-first class on September 11, 2017 we met at 2pm in 414 Fdn..

For our first class meeting we briefly began to introduce ourselves via school, year, and general interests. We also went over some of how the previous two semesters of Projects were structured and played out. We reviewed some of the current/significant/binding documents impacting the college and the community as well as some of the committee structures that came out of the Lawsuit negotiation between Cooper Union, the Committee to save Cooper Union, and the office of the Attorney General. We also revisited the language of the course description and how this class came into existence.

As a reminder, the class has been and is comprised of students from all 3 schools (across the years) as well as alumni and other interested participants including exchange students! We'll continue to work on building a shared understanding of what and how this college functions—if there are terms or documents or materials that seem confusing, missing, or need clarification please feel free to being them up before, during, or after class or via email!

In the second half of class we discussed a portion of the Lawsuit documents called the Consent Decree which in part mandated the appointment of faculty and staff representatives to the Board of Trustees and related committees. These participants have been deemed 'Observers' because their role is limited to that of an adviser with no voting power on board or committee decisions. We invited to class and heard from Amy WestphalToby Cumberbatch, and Walid Raad about their experiences as current observers.


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Hey Projects class,

See you on Monday at 2pm for our final class of the semester 🙀

We'll do snacks potluck-style, so feel free to bring something to share!

Please bring in the spreads you've submitted & any other materials you'd like to include in the class publication. We can look over everything together, with the aim of turning the publication out by the end of May.

We can also spend some time re-capping the year, if anyone has reflections to share.

And we can talk about ☀️ summer project plans ☀️ — seeing who's around & thinking about what's helpful in terms of moving things forward, until we reconvene as a class in the fall.