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Class 01: Introductions + Cooper Archive Visit +Katie Blumenkrantz  +
Class 03: Discussion w/ Bill Mea, Visit to President's Office +Bill Mea  +
Class 04: Presentation and Discussion w/ Jeff Scudder +Jeff Scudder  +
Class 05: Presentation + Walkthrough w/ Diane Lewis +Diane Lewis  +
Class 06: Projects discussion + Architecture Archive +Steven Hillyer  +, Chris Dierks  +
Class 07: Foundation Walkthrough w/ David Gersten +David Gersten  +
Class 09: Presentation/discussion w/ Chris Cloud, VP Development +Chris Cloud  +
Class 10: Discussion with Javier Rivera, Mechanic +Javier Rivera  +
Class 17: Discussion w/ Nader Tehrani, Dean of Architecture +Nader Tehrani  +
Class 18: Visit to Cooper Archive w/ Katie Blumenkrantz & Architecture Archive w/ Steven Hillyer +Katie Blumenkrantz  +, Steven Hillyer  +, Chris Dierks  +
Class 20: Discussion w/ Richard Stock, Acting Dean of Engineering + Presentations from Stefany, Chester +Richard Stock  +
Class 21: Mike Essl + presentations from Anamika, Magnus +Mike Essl  +
Class 22: Visit to Lubalin Center w/ Sasha Tochilovsky + discussion and presentations from Xavier, Sarah +Sasha Tochilovsky  +
Class 23: Review CSCU legal documents + Discussion with Zoe Salzman, CSCU attorney +Zoe Salzman  +
Class 29: Banner drop + mission presentation and discussion with Peter Buckley +Peter Buckley  +
Class 31: Introductions + discussion with Faculty/Staff Board Observers Amy Westphal, Toby Cumberbatch, and Walid Raad +Amy Westphal  +, Toby Cumberbatch  +, Walid Raad  +
Class 32: Discussion with Interim Director of Finance and Administration Keith Stokeld and presentation on Chrysler Building by Walid +Keith Stokeld  +
Class 33: Visit to the Cooper Archives with Katie Blumenkrantz & the Architecture Archive with Steven Hillyer, Chris Dierks, and Caitlin Biggers +Katie Blumenkrantz  +, Steven Hillyer  +, Chris Dierks  +,
Class 34: Discussion with Peter Buckley, Acting Dean of Humanities, Associate Professor +Peter Buckley  +
Class 36: Discussion with Mitchell Lipton, Vice President of Enrollment Services + Presentations +Mitchell Lipton  +
Class 37: Discussion with Richard Stock, Dean of Engineering +Richard Stock  +
Class 38: Discussion with Toni Torres, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Institutional Effectiveness + Interview project +Toni Torres  +
Dinner and discussion on Nonstop/Antioch w/ Lincoln Alpern and Liz Flyntz +Lincoln Alpern  +, Liz Flyntz  +