Class 02: Presentation at 31 Third Ave.

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For our second class on September 19, 2016, we met at 2pm in 414 Foundation. We walked over to the former St. Marks Bookstore (a.k.a. Nonstop Cooper space) at 31 Third Ave. for a presentation by Victoria and Jakob Biernat. We then continued a discussion on current events, including the announcement of Cooper's next president Laura Sparks, which had been made earlier that week.



Subject: [Projects: The Cooper Union] Class #2 location, readings, and discussion + archives resources

Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2016 19:32:40 -0400

Hey Projects class,

Thanks for a great first meeting! Here are notes for this coming week on where to meet, what to read, and what we'll be discussing.

Location We'll meet this coming Monday 9/19 in the sculpture classroom (same place as last week). Later, we'll walk over to the former St. Marks Bookstore/Nonstop Cooper space together (31 Third Ave).

Readings Please read the attached School of Art Governance (20 pages), School of Architecture Governance (8 pages) & amendment (1 page) + Attorney General Cross Petition (56 pages) before class.

A note on the provenance of these docs: The School of Art governance is a scan of Walid's copy from when he was first hired. (I couldn't find it online, otherwise.) The two-part Architecture governance came by request from Claire Gunning in the library. The Attorney General document was downloaded from The Committee to Save Cooper Union's homepage, and is one of three documents linked there which are suggested but not required for this week, if you find it interesting to get the full picture of the legal documents.

This week's class + discussion Victoria and Jakob Biernat are going to give a presentation. We'll discuss this, along with current events (new president!?), the readings, and any questions you've come up with since last week.

Archives followup If you haven't poked around the Cooper Archives website, it's worth a look. The Library's Facebook page is funny, too. On their libguides site, you can see an overview of what they've got catalogued, including a folder-by-folder breakdown (which is helpful to reference when making requests). Please email Katie if you've got any archives questions or requests, she's here to help us navigate these things! ( Also worth checking out: the Architecture Archives timeline, including lots of facts, timelines, and images of the building and rebuilding of Cooper.