Class 15: Presentation/discussion w/ Owen, Emily, Rachel, Madeleine

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For our fifteenth class on December 19, 2016 we met at 2pm in 414 Fdn. for presentations and discussion with Owen, Emily, Rachel, and Madeleine.


📸 More photos (Dropbox 🔒)


Hey Projects class,

Thank you to everybody who participated in Projects this past semester! While we were prepared (if nobody enrolled) to spend forty-five hours meeting as just the three of us, the questions, insights, and research that you all bring to the class has already drawn out some really exciting and unexpected resonances. We're looking forward to a second semester together, moving all of our projects forward, while continuing the class's ongoing inquiries and debates around Cooper Union as a system, context, and sometimes subject.

(And thanks for presenting in our final week, Owen, Emily, Rachel, Madeleine, and Suzy.)

Self-grading, due Wed 12/28. Please grade yourself, and submit to the three of us via email what letter grade you'd like us to put down.

Reflections. The three of us will meet in January to reflect and plan for the coming semester. If you've got reflections or feedback, we'd like to hear. Please be in touch with any or all of us about that. Also, if there are walkthroughs or visitors you'd find useful in the spring, let us know ASAP and we will try to arrange for them.

Documentation. Please submit your presentation files, and any other Projects documentation from the fall semester, here:

Dropbox will ask for your name, so we have it attributed — and we won't share anything without your permission. This will help us greatly in our ongoing processing of your ideas, and tracing the arc of everyone's projects. (Feel free to also submit phone pix, links, notes, unrealized thoughts, etc. If we don't hear from you, we'll be in touch individually later on.)

Spring semester. It looks like we'll be joined by some new people in the spring. Everybody is invited to continue participating regardless of enrollment. Class will continue on Mondays from 2-5pm. However, our first class of next semester will take place on Tuesday January 17 from 2-5pm, due to holiday scheduling. We'll send a reminder closer to the date of class. Have a great break!