Class 18: Visit to Cooper Archive w/ Katie Blumenkrantz & Architecture Archive w/ Steven Hillyer

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For our eighteenth class on January 30, 2017 we met at TIME in LOCATION. Katie Blumenkrantz, Steven Hillyer, Chris Dierks.


📸 More photos (Dropbox 🔒)


Hi Projects class!

We'll see you on Monday 1/30. We've got a double archive visit planned, but we'll meet first at 2pm in room 901 NAB, and head over together.

For those of you who were with us last semester or have already spent time in either archive, both Katie and Steven have offered to pull additional materials that are relevant to your research interests.

  • Please reply with requests for anything you'd specifically like to see

or revisit by Friday 1/27 and we will forward those along.*

First we'll visit assistant archivist Katie Blumenkrantz[1], who will give us a tour of the Cooper Archive[2], and tell us about the general history and current state of the library.

After that, we'll visit Steven Hillyer[3], director of the Architecture Archive, which houses everything from building plans to publications to recent student work. It's definitely worth perusing the online timeline[4] which they've put together. They are also working on a new digital archive of student work[5], funded by a federal grant.

See also, this video of a conversation[6] between three of the school's archivists. (We'll visit Sasha at the Lubalin Archive later in the semester.)

- - -

We also started a Google Drive folder[7] with everybody here on it, and added an empty doc[8] for whoever is interested in the collective mapping project which Walid mentioned to self-organize. Feel free to jump in to the folder and edit, add documents, drop in new or old things, however is useful for you.