Class 20: Discussion w/ Richard Stock, Acting Dean of Engineering + Presentations from Stefany, Chester

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For our twentieth class on February 13, 2017 we met at TIME in LOCATION. Richard Stock, Chester, Stefany


📸 More photos (Dropbox 🔒)


Hey Projects class,

See you on Monday at 2pm in 901 NAB. In the first half of class we'll hear more presentations, and in the second half we'll be joined for discussion by acting dean of engineering Richard Stock. (And there will be an actual break this time!!)

- - -

  • Presentations*

We've got Cecilia, Anamika, Chester, Magnus, and Stefany on the calendar for this week. If we don't get through everybody, we'll bump any remaining presentations to the following class, which will be February 27 after founder's day break. (Thanks for the great presentations last week, Ray, Jess, Leo, and Rachel.)

  • + Guest: Richard Stock*

At ~3:15 we'll be joined for discussion by Richard Stock[1], professor of chemical engineering[2], acting dean of the school of engineering, and former president of CUFCT[3] (Cooper Union Federation of College Teachers, a.k.a. the union for full-time faculty members).

Further reading: "Meet the Deans" interview[4], alumni association interview[5].

See also, letters published in Richard's time as CUFCT president: a 2015 memorandum[6] on computer science, and 2014 memorandum[7] on CSCU's lawsuit.

- - -


On Sunday 2/12 at 2pm, Terror Pigeon[8] is world-premiering a 30 minute surround-sound laydown, which he's been workshopping in Vic's basement over the past month. You're invited!

  • TPSSLD is a new show I'm building this winter. It's a set of mostly

brand new TP music performed for an audience that is lying on the ground. The music is performed in hexaphonic sound, with a speaker in each corner and a subwoofer on each side of the audience all operating independently, creating a lush, serene, and for brief moments, punishing, soundscape. The show is a half hour long. Attendees are encouraged to bring blankets, pillows, foam, thermarests, and big stuffed animals to the show for their comfort. Air mattresses cannot be accommodated for spatial and sonic reasons.*

After class on Monday 2/13...a Babycastles valentines day celebration, 7-10pm...come for the extreme romance music of CUTE BOYS and DJ KICKFLIP...stay for the valentine making: W 14th St. near union square)