Class 24: Cecilia presentation + 5 min presentations + mission discussion

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For our twenty-fourth class on March 27, 2017 we met at 2pm in 901 NAB. Cecilia


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Hey Projects class,

For this coming Monday, everybody please come prepared to present on your project for 5 minutes. We'll keep time, doing a back-to-back round with everyone. Consider this a chance to share where you're at — wherever that may be — and to think, as a class, about how we can help each other. Feel free to bring in any kind of notes/material/byproducts/work-in-progress, or just talk.

We'll also hear a full presentation from Cecilia.

- - -

Additionally, Vic and I set up a doodle if you'd like to sign up for a studio visit with us, before or after class on the coming two Mondays. We've already had really good discussions this semester with Dempzil, Jake, Emily, Sarah, Stefany, Owen and Delaney.

This is optional, and could function as a studio visit, workshopping of your project, an informal check-in, or anything that'd be useful. We can talk about loose ends, map out resources, and maybe establish recurring meetings. If we've already met, you're welcome to sign up again, and if we run out of slots we'll just add more in the coming weeks. Reply to AllReply to SenderForward