Class 25: 5 minute presentations + mission workshopping

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For our twenty-fifth class on April 3, 2017 we met at 2pm in 901 NAB. Dempzil, Stefany, Anamika, Xavier, Mayaan, Ian, Sarah, Magnus, Delaney


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Hi Projects class,

See at 2pm on Monday 4/3!

  • 5 minutes*

We'll get started on the 5-minute project presentations from everybody. If you're feeling stuck or your project feels outdated, speak to what you'd like to be doing now and going forward =E2=80=94 what feels actionabl= e or meaningful now? Also maybe name a project or two that feels adjacent to your work.

  • Mission*

We'll also spend ~an hour of class continuing our ongoing discussion around the mission. The plan is to devote a little bit of class time each week to this through the end of the semester, as a shared project for grounding and processing.

For more on the history and purpose of the mission, check out this amazing PDF prepared by librarian Julie Castelluzzo: "Mission Vision 1988 - 2015[1]" with ~60 pages of research. Julie is currently serving on the Mission and Goals subcommittee of the Middle States accreditation process[2].

It's also worth briefly perusing CUAA's index of candidate bio/statements[3] to get a sense of who's running for Alumni Association Council and Alumni Trustee positions. Each candidate had to write a kind of personal mission statement about what Cooper means to them and how they see themselves contributing.

  • Studio visits*

Monday 4/3

* *11:30am* OPEN
* *12:15pm* Jakey (611)
* *1:00pm *Xavier (616)
* *5:15pm* Raphael
* *6:00pm *Rachel (2nd floor back corner by day's office)
* *6:45pm* Dempzil (9?)

Monday 4/10

* *11:30am* Magnus (211)
* *12:15pm *Lulu (614 across from emily)
* *1:00pm *Anamika
* *5:15pm* Cecilia (416 4th floor foundation)
* *6:00pm *Ray
* *6:45pm *OPEN