Class 26: 5 min presentations (continued) + mission discussion

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For our twenty-sixth class on April 10, 2017 we met at 2pm in 901 NAB. Vic, Raph


📸 More photos (Dropbox 🔒)


Readings (Dropbox🔒):


Hi Projects class! This week:


Continuing 5 min presentations from anybody who didn't go last week.

Spending another hour on the mission, together. Here're Vic's notes from our discussion two weeks ago, as well as the lists of words that we all narrowed down last week:

We had mentioned maybe focusing on generating new language this week, so please bring any ideas to that end, as well as other ideas on how to deepen our workshopping of the mission going forward.

Here's another link to Julie Castelluzzo's 60 pages of mission research:


On the subject on generating language, Stefany sent along this link to Roget's visual concept-neighborhood-thesaurus:

(If anybody else has links/references to share, feel free to reply-all, or just email me and I will collect 'em in the next class email.)

We'll see some of you for studio visits before & after class:

11:30am Magnus (211)

12:15pm Lulu (614 across from emily)

1:00pm Anamika

5:15pm Cecilia (416 4th floor foundation)

6:00pm Ray (If you haven't signed up yet, we'll bring a sheet to class with more slots in the coming weeks.)


In the news, for discussion:

New York Adopts Free Tuition

SUNY and CUNY students from families with incomes up to $125,000 will not pay tuition. But some aid experts are alarmed by requirement that graduates stay in state for same number of years they receive the benefit.


Here's a link to the banner idea doc that Emily shared everybody on last week: "i think we should full haul a bunch of images and text into it. let's get as many thoughts in one place as possible that we can pull from when we congregate alas. I want to meet Monday after class 5:15-6 and start actually working on stuff next week!"

(See her email on the last thread from April 5 for more!)