Class 37: Discussion with Richard Stock, Dean of Engineering

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For our thirty-seventh class on October 23, 2017 we met at 2pm in 901 NAB.

We had a wide-ranging two-and-a-half hour conversation with Richard Stock, Dean of Engineering. We discussed Richard's history at Cooper as professor and former union president; the current dean search and past dean searches; the day-to-day of running a school, as well as the larger work of "cleaning up", examining systems and trying to streamline them, and implementing policies where they're missing; similarities and differences between the School of Art and School of Engineering, from governance, to curriculum, to admissions; missions and culture, or what makes Cooper "Cooper"; what the future holds for the school of engineering, with modernization of curriculum and teaching styles to reflect a changing world; and we also debated two approaches to getting out of debt, at length: slow and steady vs. an immediate and drastic reformatting to operate within one's means.


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Hi Projects class✨,

We'll be meeting today @ 2pm in room 901CS (corner classroom, 9th floor NAB). Class will be split this week between a visitor presentation and the continuation of class discussion!

As always we'll bring some refreshments & since we'll all be talking and listening for most of this session as well please bring some fruits or drinks to share if you can!🍎🎃🍵

- - -

This week (10/23/17): 

In the first half of class we'll be visited by Dean of the Engineering School Richard Stock. Richard is a professor of Chemical Engineer, former President of the Faculty Union (CUFCT), and served as Acting Dean of the School of Engineering starting in 2015. An interview with Richard on (2016) can be found here.

In the second half of class, we'll begin review presentations and coordinate meetings/field trips, visits and events.

- - -

Last week (10/16/17): 

We were visited by Vice President of Enrollment Services Mitchell Lipton. Mitchell oversees much of the admissions process, now called "Enrollment Services" and has been at Cooper since 1997. He presented on changes to the Admissions department since the decision to charge tuition in 2014, as well as commented on trends in applications, recruitment, and acceptance raters.  A previous profile of Mitchell for (2012) can be found here.

We also heard from Mary, Julian, and Amelia wrapping up our first round of class presentations. If you haven't already please email in the 1 page of writing that accompanied your presentation.

Mitchell Lipton, Vice President of Enrollment Services, presenting to Projects class.jpg
Mary presenting research on Yaddo.jpg

- - -

Two classes ago (10/9/17):

We began to share ongoing and new projects and areas of interest/research. If you have not yet emailed a copy of the 1 page of writing that accompanied please make sure to send it in! We'll continue to workshop together the resonances of everyones research and proposals for the rest of the semester/year.

Cecilia presenting on her work.jpg
Student presentations.jpg

- - -

Next week (10/30/17):

We'll be visited by Antoinette Torres, the Director of Strategic Initiatives and Institutional Effectiveness. She is a new addition to the President's Office and as mentioned in Laura's Welcome (Back) Message Antoinette will co-chair a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force along with Sam Keene, Professor of Electrical Engineering who was also a part of drafting new mission language and involved in ongoing Middle States Accreditation.