Quarry Trip 2017

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Day trip to Brownstone Park, Portland, CT on September 10, 2017

See also: Quarry Trip 2016


📸 More photos (Dropbox 🔒)


On a "mission" we never expected...

To a world we never imagined...

An adventure we'll never forget...

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Hey all,

We're emailing YOU because you're alums and/or auditors who've mentioned some interest in the Projects Class this fall. This semester we're scheduled for Mondays from 2-5pm in 414 Foundation, and our first class is Monday, September 11.

Please respond with a YES if you're available in that timeslot & up for continuing on, so that we can get a sense of our roster, and also see about getting you guest passes or building access.

If you're a MAYBE...we wanted to underscore that we know people who aren't in school are wrangling chaotic work schedules while also trying to make time for personal projects, and we'd like to find ways of folding in non-student participation that're more flexible than the expectations of being an enrolled student, while still allowing for reliable group inquiry and the development of individual/class projects. 

We're still figuring out what it looks like to have a class with durational non-students, so let us know if you have thoughts on how it could work for you and we can build around that. 

Alsooo, if there are people on your mind who you think *should* be in the class that aren't yet, feel free to recommend some names. It all takes a bit of coordination on our part, so it's not totally open, but we'd like for the group to be able to expand & contract in ways that makes sense.

Projects 2017 concept

We've been scheming with Walid throughout the summer and we're planning for this year to be pretty different, with minimal repetition of past visits/guests/etc. 

In cases where we DO re-visit familiar things, like the archives, we want to consider what it means for people like ourselves to be coming back to these same rooms and materials year-after-year??

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In the way that we devoted a bunch of class time last semester to following and deconstructing the rewriting of the mission, we have some new ideas for projects involving the whole class. One is the idea of doing a case study of one of the schools. Another is planning a larger community event around understanding the lawsuit and CSCU's work, as they relate to ongoing committees and the 2018 Free Education Report deadline and Chrysler rent bump.

For an early heads up on the reading, we're planning on producing spiral bound copies of the Cross-Petition for everybody in the class, and dividing it up into sections early on to finally all close-read and analyze as a class.

First Class

Monday, September 11


414 Foundation

Come through, and if you'd like to give a hot take on what you have been pursuing in the class or anywhere in your work, there will be time for that during intros.

In the second half of class, most of the faculty/staff Board Observers (Yuri Masnyj, Amy Westphal, Toby Cumberbatch, & Walid) will report back and take questions on their role in the committees they sit on and their participation, which came out of the lawsuit.

September Quarry Trip

We're going to rent a van again and head up to Brownstone Park, either on Labor Day 9/4 or the following weekend 9/9. Let us know your availability for both dates, if you're in for a day of chill waterpark fun and lowkey material history. Tickets are ~$36 for the day including UnLiMiTeD ziplining, and we'll all our split gas/car expenses.

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Final section (SORRY for the longest email ever)

We are STILL working on the book. We got contributions from everybody and think it'll be amazing. We're also updating the wiki continuously with expanded documentation as we pull it together:


We'll be floating around, scheming and working on orientation, block party (sept 26!), lawsuit event, and a TBD inaugural event. If you want to get together or know more on any of those fronts, just let us know!

🐜 🐜 🐜 

Casey and Vic

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