Class 40: Presentations & discussion about a Transmission to Foundation Projects class

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For our fortieth class on November 20, 2017 we met at 2pm in 901 NAB.


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Hi Projects class, 

We’ll meet today  at 2pm in room 901 NAB. 

Please bring a printed copy of the 3 pages based on your conversation.During the break we’ll make copies for everybody to read and annotate over the coming week. 

Please also submit a PDF or DOC file of your 3 pages here:

We’ll start off today with presentations from Sobel, Dempzil, Jake, and Casey.

And we’ll leave the last hour for a class discussion and a possible prompt.


Recap of Class 39: Class discussions of Ivory Tower event + Diversity Taskforce + mission rewrite (11/13/2017)

We met at 2pm in 901 NAB. We discussed the Ivory Tower event that Kiersten, Jake, Vic, and others have been working on across groups including ASC and Archive Club — now scheduled for Friday, December 8. It will combine a screening, discussion with director Andrew Rossi, community reception, archive fundraiser, and collaborative publication. The discussion touched on the shape of the event, how it has come together and what it takes to pull off, the way school resources are allocated, and what the content of the publication might be.

We then heard about developments related to the Diversity Taskforce, co-chaired by Toni Torres and Sam Keene. We discussed the origin of this initiative and previous ones, the composition and structure of the taskforce, the role students play in and outside of committees, and some of the terms and approaches introduced by Toni in our previous class.

In closing we returned to a discussion of the ongoing rewriting of Cooper’s mission, which we have previously spoken about in class with Peter Buckley, and spent severalclasses workshopping together last semester.


Recap of Class 38: Discussion with Toni Torres, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Institutional Effectiveness + Interview project (10/30/2016)

We met at 2pm in 901 NAB. We were joined by Toni Torres, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Institutional Effectiveness. She presented some background on her studies at UC Berkeley and career including serving as Vice Provost at Drexel University and as an independent consultant. She spoke of the broader charge of her role at Cooper as creating a student-centric culture and climate, and her day-to-day of work like reporting data to federal agencies.

We discussed kinds of data Cooper generates and tracks including: information on entering freshmen; exit surveys and alumni surveys; and data from departments across Cooper such as rankings, retention, grades, giving, and employment rates. Toni spoke about better articulating how data is defined and working on more complete data collection, towards an integrated framework of institutional research and evaluation.

She introduced many terms such as a “student lifecycle approach” and “Theory of Change” model, as well as research methods like focus groups. She also shared some of the people whose writings and concepts have influenced her approach, including: Alexander Astin and Vincent Tinto on student success and belonging, Claude Steele on Stereotype threatCarol Dweck on mindset, and Albert Bandura on agency. 

Toni was kind enough to send along a 3 page bibliography of research and publications she thinks may be useful to the class — see attached.


If you’re interested in questions around “dataification”, I’d recommend listening to this panel discussion from ”New Topics in Social Computing: Data and Education”, which took place in 2015 at Eyebeam in Brooklyn, and was moderated by Joanne McNeil.